3PL Companies

There a are few reasons why a small business should use 3PL Companies, some are obvious which include having someone else assume the operation cost and tapping into the knowledge of your third party logistics provider .

Here some of the less obvious reasons why you need 3pl companies

  • Get access to pricing that from your 3Pl provider that competes with the big shippers. Just think of the leveling the playing field. Your rates will probably be the same as your large competitors.
  • Provide time-saving solutions. You don’t have to worry about the best method or strategy, just leave to your third party logistics provider.
  • Leverage strong carrier relationships for greater reliability
  • Use cutting-edge technology to reduce costs. Working with the best 3PL companies will give you access to the latest technology and practices that will drive your costs down
  • Consolidate carriers, invoices and websites to improve efficiency. One vendor, one invoice for all your logistics needs
  • Simplify overwhelming logistics processes. As your business grows and the types of services you offer change, you will be faced with the challenges of constantly designing and maintaining logistics processes that will prove cumbersome. Let the pros handle it

Some of the Services offered by 3PL Companies

The Obvious:

Air Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services

Inland Transportation


Order Fulfillment


Pick and Pack Services

Auto Transportation

Heavy Equipment

Inventory Management

Freight Audit

Transportation Management


The Less obvious

1. Provide strategic capacity. Your 3PL should be able to provide capacity for all your needs

2. Provide logistics expertise.
 Your business can benefit from this expertise during daily operations

3. Provide mode and load optimization.
Your transportation spending is optimized when your shipments arrive on time.

4. Manage vendor compliance. Your 3PL should be able to establish an effective reporting platform to provide timely, accurate, and objective feedback to all of your designated supply chain partners.

5. Reduce your risk . 
The 3PL company you choose to have a significant relationship with should be able to lessen many of your identifiable risks.

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